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Elzbieta "Ela" Zdunek: every story has already been told


About Me

According to Umberto Eco, "every story tells a story that has already been told". In my collages, by reusing topics and elements, I highlight the inevitability; the repeating patterns in the history of humanity; the cycle of breaking and trying to put the pieces back together; the endless dance of hope and hopelessness; how often what we think we have an agency to choose, has been chosen for us beforehand.


In my works, conflict and peace are two sides of the same coin and the line between them is blurry. It is the battle between nature and nurture, the will and the rationality. It is about not fitting in; about persisting despite the circumstances; about provoking the confrontation – with oneself and others – and avoiding it at the same time.


My goal is to allow viewers to read my works through their own biases and experience. I want them to decide who is the hero and who is the villain, is the outcome a blessing or a curse. I am fascinated with the concept of what makes us us, and how many different people we are depending on the context. I believe each of us carries inside a combination of shadows and highlights, like the silent movies I am giving a homage to in my works. Ironically, I often say that we are yet again in the roaring twenties, and, despite the technological progress, internally, we are equally broken and full of hope like our ancestors hundred years ago. This story, indeed, has already been told.


While art has always been present in my life, it was the pandemic and the lockdown when collaging became my main creative language. They became a symbol of telling my own story. I haven’t chosen the cards I’ve been handed and events that have happened, but I had to feel I had agency in combining them to stay afloat; to tell a story instead of allowing it to be told.


May 2024: Contemporary Landscapes, Omnibus Gallery (DE)

May 2024: Arts & Healing, The Crypt (US)

July 2023: Art Meets You Festival (DE)

June 2023: Contemporary Collage Magazine, Issue 21 (UK)

April 2023: Digital Artist of the Month, Artjobs

December 2022: Artwalk Mag, Issue 3 (US)

November 2022: Traumwelt, Lite-Haus (DE)

November 2022: Da Vinci Selection, Art In Places (BE)

October 2022: Heckmag, Issue 4 (DE)

September 2022: The Huts, Issue 6 (UK)

September 2022: Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 21(UK)

August 2022: Young Blood, Chromart (DE)

July 2022: Athens Open, Gallery Art Number 23 (GR)

May 2022: Virtual Exhibition, Digital Chroma Agency (DE)

May 2022: PROPAGANDA Exhibition for the World Collage Day, Fragmented Collective (UK)

December 2021: The Uncanny Exhibition, The Chateau Gallery (US)

November 2021: Publication Volumes of Darkness, Bruxelles Art Vue (PL/BE)

November 2021: NEMESIS Exhibition, The Holy Art (UK)

November 2021: So Real – Surreal Exhibition, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts (US)

November 2021: Digital, Collage or Assemblage Exhibition, Las Laguna Art Gallery (US)

September 2021: EMPTINESS Exhibition, Exhibizone (CA)

August 2021: CONNECTION Exhibition, Art Fluent (US)

April 2021: Award of Merit, “Anything” Exhibition, Gallery Ring (US)

April 2021: Participating Artist at NYC ArtWalk, Art Fair, Brooklyn (US)

March 2021: Artist of the Week, Oddball Space (UK)

March 2021: Women in Art Exhibition, Las Laguna Art Gallery (US)

February 2021: The Working Artist Magazine (UK)

February 2021: Art Hole Magazine (UK)

January 2021: Body-Mind-Spirit Exhibition, JMane Gallery (US)

January 2021: RE:INVENT Exhibition, GalleryA118 (US)

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