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Elzbieta "Ela" Zdunek: speaking through the silent movie aesthetic 

Elzbieta “Ela” Zdunek is a photographer and collagist based in Helsinki, Finland. While art has always been present in her life, it was the pandemic and the lockdown when collaging became her main form of expression. Collaging is like life. What we encounter is not always of our choice, people, events, shapes; it is up to us to decide how do we combine and interpret those elements. Collaging is taking and reclaiming agency, telling a story instead of allowing it to be told.


Ela’s works focus on humanity and personality. The mannequins, so scarily human and devoid of humanity at the same time, they're portrayed in the moment of change, the moment when the reality happens and comes to live. The style resembling movies from the silent era indicates how patterns and history repeat, and yet we keep on being surprised with the local and global events. Ela likes to think that we are again in the roaring twenties, equally tired, broken, and full of hope as hundred years ago.

Publications and Exhibitions:

March 2021: Artist of the Week, Oddball Space (UK)

March 2021: Women in Art Exhibition, Las Laguna Art Gallery (US)

February 2021: The Working Artist Magazine (UK)

February 2021: Art Hole Magazine (UK)

January-February 2021: Body-Mind-Spirit Exhibition, JMane Gallery (US)

January-February 2021: RE:INVENT Exhibition, GalleryA118 (US)

October 2020: First Prize Photography Competition “Monochrome”, Photographers in Finland

September 2020: Feature, Gallery Dreaming in Collages (online)

November 2019: Our Amazing Planet Photography Exhibition (IL)

October 2019: Amazing Architecture Photography Exhibition, Art Market Budapest (HU)

August 2019: Borders Photography Exhibition, Hinterland Gallery (AT)